Use trash bins, reduce what you waste and reuse whenever you can.
Help keep Newport clean!

Newport is taking action to rid our streets, parks and waterways of litter. Residents, visitors and businesses alike all have a part to play.

Litter Log

Litter: Get the Facts

Lingering trash and litter are visible public health and social problems caused by the behavior of people around the world.  Thankfully, this behavior has shifted since... Continue reading

Making Trash Fun

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Brick Alley Pub Leads the Way

Anyone who has walked down upper Thames Street in the early morning has encountered the staff of the Brick Alley Pub quietly working along the street... Continue reading

For Newport

If you live in Newport, you play a special part in helping to keep our beautiful city clean. Show youngsters how important it is to take pride in their home by using trash cans and cigarette receptacles around town. Welcome visitors to tidy streets and beaches along with parks that look their absolute best. Set a great example and put litter in its place!

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For Visitors

We are so excited to share all that our scenic city has to offer with others. It takes a lot hard work to keep our streets, parks and beaches clean so, we hope that you can help us put litter in its place! Please use the trash cans provided to clean up your picnic in the park and make sure your cigarettes go in the receptacles, not on the sidewalks. Treat our home like it is your own by helping to keep it neat!

Newport has BANNED single use plastic bags. Please bring your re-usable shopping bag with you!
For Businesses

Attract your customers to come inside by keeping your sidewalks sparkling! Sweep up cigarette butts or any litter that may be lingering outside your door and help Newport to make a fabulous first impression. Everyone can benefit from a tidy street, including your business. Let us show others how well we take care of their favorite destination!

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Check out some of these amazing resources close to home, and from around the world.

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