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Check out our Litter Log below where we share information on how to re-use as well as showcase initiatives and organizations that are modeling good environmental and anti-littering behavior. Interactive games will allow the little ones to enjoy learning about litter and will teach them how they can make a difference by reusing and recycling their trash. We also have the facts and figures that will make you think twice about litter, and how you can help. It is important for everyone to understand that they have a special part to play!

Newport Bans Single Use Plastic Bags

Newport Re-uses is a City initiative that banned single use plastic bags in 2017.  In an effort to make the change easier, the city gave out... more

Leave No Trace

In the outdoor spacesof Austin, Texas the  Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Austin Resource Recovery, and Watershed Protection have partnered to raise awareness about Leave No Trace in Austin. As... more

Brick Alley Pub Leads the Way

Anyone who has walked down upper Thames Street in the early morning has encountered the staff of the Brick Alley Pub quietly working along the street... more

Litter: Get the Facts

Lingering trash and litter are visible public health and social problems caused by the behavior of people around the world.  Thankfully, this behavior has shifted since... more

Making Trash Fun

There are many ways to learn more about changing how we manage our trash, how much we know about recycling and how good we are at... more